Law & Order
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Laws and Rules of Babylonia

1. All for one, one for all.

2. You cannot attack any member of the High Order or a civilian without being provoked. **Punishable by death

3. Do not interfere with the trade and labor systems of the city or kingdom.

4. Contribute to Babylonia's financial needs.
~ Pay due taxes.
~ Pay for all goods when asked.
~ Donations are welcome, but not required.**Punishable by discharge

5. Follow all orders by Commanders in Charge.**Punishable by discharge

6. Treason will not be tolerated. **Punishable by death.
~ Convincing cities that they have false treaties with us.
~ Telling cities that they are allies, when they are not.
~ Giving keys or town secrets to anyone outside of the guild.
~ Abandoning the town when needed, or deserting for any reason.
~ Taking sides of an enemy.
~ Starting, joining or leading a civil revolt or uprising.

1. Treason is the maximum punishment, death.

2. Failing to Contribute for financial help will lead to a discharge of the city's walls.

3. Attacking High Order or a civilian without being provoked, you will be sentenced to death.

4. Failing to follow orders, you will be discharged from Babylonia.