Ambassador Praissen Steorra
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Name: Ambassador Steorra
Age: 25
Race: Human
Class: Quietus
Duty: Relations
Animal Name:
[Bird] Peep [Dog] Snoop [Horse] Windsong
Race: Human
Birthplace: Visionlight Castle, City of Manah
Hair: Long, Dark Burgundy
Skin: Dark Tan
Eyes: Burgundy
Weapon: Swords of Manah
Other: Fixed Expression


Praissen Steorra was born as Prince of Manah, and was raised as a chivalrous swordsman amidst royalty. His mother died in childbirth, but he grew to be beloved by his father, and his father's kingdom. He was, however, the target of extreme jealousy and ridicule from his brother and sister, Opinicus and Jeriah. Jeriah, who viewed Praissen as a weak and dishonorable leader, left the family while Praissen was young. Opinicus, however, grew as a rival to Praissen's throne. One day, while their father, King Argos, was off at battle, Opinicus slew him in the midst of the fighting. When all turned to look, Opinicus handed Praissen the sword and the blame. Shortly thereafter, Opinicus claimed the thrown and Praissen was exiled from Manah. He has not returned since.

While on his way to a town, years later, Praissen was attacked by a wandering monk named Tannin Hasami. The two fought briefly, and after the two realized the misunderstanding of the situation, agreed to peace. Praissen was then introduced to Tannin's traveling partner, known only as "Bull", and the trio set off together.

In the city Praissen was originally headed for, they met with a local fighter and military expert, General Tecumseh. After Tannin convinced Tecumseh to join, the rugged band embarked on what was to become one of the most triumphant and powerful journeys in history.