Artisan Tannin Hasami
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Name: Artisan Tannin Hasami
Age: 23
Race: Elf
Class: Trompe-l'oeil
Duty: Trade & Resources
Animal Name: [Horse] Haas [Parrot] Pip [Dog] Shad
Birthplace: Welkin Forest
Hair: Short & Black
Skin: Medium Tan
Eyes: Brown
Weapon: Claws of Sceadu
Other: Pointy Ears; Fixed Expression


Tannin Hasami was born in Welkin Forest inside a hut. His parents were nomads and spent most of their lives outdoors. They built the temporary hut as a resting point on their travel. When Tannin was 13, his parents died while protecting a Dragon. Tannin then, had to grow and learn in the woods on his own. He developed his own techniques in hunting and fighting. He trained alone for many years and thus became a great martial artist.

Once while buying food in a city, a thief tried to pick Tannin's pocket, but was caught in the act. The thief turned out to be a surprisingly good fighter, and the two fought in the street. When the thief knocked Tannin down and drew a blade, he was grabbed by a monstrous bystander. Tannin rose and thanked the stranger, who referred to himself only as "Bull." The two struck a friendship and began traveling together.

Once while the two were hunting, they stumbled upon a traveler, whom they assumed was an enemy. Tannin and the stranger fought briefly until they realized their misunderstanding. After making peace, the trio set off to another town. A few days later they reached a large city in which they came across a local fighter and military expert, General Tecumseh. The group met in a bar, and after they collaborated in a large bar fight, joined together in a strong and promising partnership.