General Tecumseh
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Name: General Tecumseh
Age: 25
Race: Half-Ogre
Class: Juggerwatt
Duty: General of the Army
Birthplace: Area 5.1
Hair: Fro
Skin: Brownish
Eyes: Red
Weapon:The Great Staff of Voltis
Pet Names: [Horse] Flash [Dog] Wolf
Other: None


Tecumseh was born the son of a great military commander at one of his outposts, known strategically as "Area 5.1". He was raised knowing only the arts of war, and quickly became a formidable soldier. Fueled by his incredible strength and controlled by his calculating mind, he also served under his father as a military strategist. While on a routine patrol in his early teens, Tecumseh received word that Area 5.1 was under attack. He raced home as quickly as possible, but returned to find his mother killed and father missing.

Destined to become as great a warrior as his father, Tecumseh took control of the outpost and the army. He quickly gained control of many nearby camps and towns. Usually, however, he handed over control to commanders under him. He was more interested in control and establishing an empire than actually ruling one.

After a large victory some time later, Tecumseh celebrated by visiting a bar with a few of his colleagues. There he met up with a small band of wandering fighters, and they began to talk. The idea of a nomadic life appealed to the battle-hardened Tecumseh, and he considered handing total control of his fledgling empire to his Second in Command. When a bar fight broke out, Tecumseh and his new friends worked together to easily conquer the dispute - thus confirming Tecumseh's decision. He and the victors - a monk, an ex-prince, and a mysterious hermit - set off together as the beginning of a new empire.