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Indent.gif (979 bytes)   Welcome, you have reached the one and only home of the official Dale Easterling Information / Fan Club / Dedication page.  This page was a simple gift, from me, to Dale and stands as an everlasting tribute to our friendship, well, enough of my rambling!   Let's get down to business, I know you have a ton of questions! 

Indent.gif (979 bytes) Just who is Dale Easterling?  Oh, boy, where do I begin?  Dale Easterling is an up and coming Christian / Rap singer.  And let me tell you, this boy sounds like an Angel.   He is a deep, caring person, with an intense love for God, and life in general.   He is sensitive, and above all, a wonderful person whom I am proud to call my friend.

Indent.gif (979 bytes) On this page, what you'll find is comments, pictures, downloads, and information pertaining to this fine young gentlemen.  What you won't find is a totally secular and arrogant singer who cares for no one but himself.   He is, indeed the opposite of that and I can tell you that myself. :)

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Dale Easterling: Points of Interest

Indent.gif (979 bytes) Biography Presents: Dale Easterling - -  Life and Times.

Indent.gif (979 bytes) Pictures of Emotion - -  Dale Easterling's Art Work.

Indent.gif (979 bytes) Photo   Catalogue Presents: Dale Easterling - - Real Life.

Indent.gif (979 bytes) Soul Lyrics - - Songs from the Heart.

Indent.gif (979 bytes)  Poet's Corner - - Poetry by the Master.

Indent.gif (979 bytes) Influencing the Master - - See Who Inspired His Dream.

Indent.gif (979 bytes) Didja Know? - - Find Out Just What's Up With This Fact Page!

Indent.gif (979 bytes) Song Downloads - - Download Samples of Dale's Work (Real Audio and Wave Support required!)

Indent.gif (979 bytes) Links - - Links to Music Resources on the Net.

Indent.gif (979 bytes) Webmaster's Dream - - Come Here to Find Out About the WebMaster

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